Negotiating with the Arsonist

The Problem with Negotiations to Seal the Border

Sen. Johnson on Fox Business talking about the border

How do you negotiate with the arsonist to put out the fire that he started? That's basically the problem with the Senate border negotiations.

President Biden and the Democrats want an open border. THEY are the root cause. So how can we trust them to honor any agreement to actually secure the border?

The border is out of control and the system overwhelmed, a negotiated piece of legislation won't work.

This week, we saw schoolchildren in New York displaced by migrants. The mainstream media can no longer ignore this crisis. The Democrats really don't want a secure border, they want political cover now that the crisis is a threat to their re-election.

The impeachment inquiry of Secretary Mayorkas is long overdue because it will expose these issues. He and President Biden caused this crisis.

Border Crisis is a Wisconsin Crisis 

Law Enforcement Roundtable in Oshkosh

In December, I held another roundtable with law enforcement to learn how the border crisis is impacting Wisconsin.

This time, I met with law enforcement in Oshkosh who told me the open border has lead to the increase of fentanyl in Wisconsin.

In November, I joined U.S. Rep. Bryan Steil for an eye-opening briefing with law enforcement in Walworth County about the effect of illegal immigration on their small community.

CBS 58: Immigration Changes Can't Happen Until Border Security Improves First

FOX 11: Sen. Ron Johnson Outlines Concerns with Biden's Border Policies During Fox Valley Visit

The Real Story of Jan. 6

Speaking on film screening

                                                                                                                Photo Credit: The Epoch Times

This week, I attended the Capitol Hill screening of the Epoch Times documentary "The Real Story of Jan. 6 Part 2: The Long Road Home."

There are so many questions that haven't been asked, much less answered, about that day. I appreciate journalists like the Epoch Times who are utilizing our First Amendment rights of freedom of the press and freedom of speech to expose and tell the American people the truth.

I implore all Americans to try and find out the truth and discern it.

WATCH: Sen. Johnson's remarks at screening

Tomah VA 

Headline from WEAU

I joined the entire Wisconsin congressional delegation in introducing a new bill to rename the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center in Tomah after Jason Simcakoski. He was a Wisconsin veteran who tragically lost his life after battling addiction to opioids prescribed by the VA.

Jason's tragic story is also one of determination, as he alerted law enforcement authorities to the deadly opioid prescription practices at the Tomah VA Medical Center while he himself was suffering from those abuses.

Renaming the Tomah VA Medical Center after Jason will honor his efforts to try to save himself and other veterans from the systemic abuses that occurred and serve as a constant reminder of the duty of care owed to every veteran.

American Moment Podcast

Sen. Johnson on set for American Moment

I joined the "Moment of Truth" podcast for their Season 3 finale. In this hour-long conversation we cover the border crisis, the war in Ukraine, the debt crisis, COVID, and dysfunction in Congress.

The Ingraham Angle

On set with Laura Ingraham

In December, I joined Laura Ingraham on set to talk about Ukraine funding. The war in Ukraine is a bloody stalemate and should be brought to an end.

ICYMI: My Cookie Tradition

Sen. Johnson making cookies

I continued my Christmas tradition of baking and decorating 80 rollout Christmas tree cookies. I take a manufacturing mindset and only make the one shape with three colors for maximum efficiency.