ICYMI: Sen. Johnson Leads Roundtable Discussion: “Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding?”

WASHINGTON – On Monday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) led a roundtable discussion titled: “Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding?” The senator and a panel of experts exposed the corruption and censorship of the COVID Cartel— federal health agencies, Big Pharma, legacy media, and Big Tech — and opened the public’s eyes to the failures of the global elite and their institutions. 

Listen to the full discussion here

On giving suppressed and marginalized voices a platform 

“To me, the COVID pandemic has opened my eyes to the failure and corruption of the global elite and their institutions, including government. Unfortunately, many eyes remain closed, and the global elite will use all of their power to keep them closed. They maintain power by controlling information. They relentlessly push their narrative while at the same time suppressing and marginalizing dissident voices. In this case, they overhyped fear over a virus they helped create in order to push a profitable gene therapy platform and gain greater control over our lives. Along the way, they sabotaged early treatment, denied natural immunity and vaccine injuries, caused trillions of dollars of economic devastation, and destroyed an untold number of people’s lives. Unfortunately, they remain in control. Today I’ve assembled some of the dissident voices. Many have paid a heavy price for exercising their right to free speech, to offer a different perspective, a perspective that was not allowed.”


On the potentially incriminating information our federal health agencies are hiding from the public

“The title of this hearing is ‘What Are They Hiding?’ My own evidence of that is, for example, over 60 oversight letters that I have written to the federal health agencies. This is just a small number covering two issues: hot lots and the standard operating procedures of their analysis on VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System]. But some of my first oversight letters were prompted by the emails that were released under FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] in June of 2021. These are Anthony Fauci’s emails. Again they were released under FOIA. In other words, somebody had to go to court. Even though members of Congress, we have the right to see these things. Somebody had to take them to court once they were released, about 4,000 pages. We requested unredacted versions of these things on June 11, 2021. By July, we received basically the same 4,000 redacted pages. In September 2021, we requested only 400 of the 4,000. We narrowed our request. In October 2021, through January 2022, they allowed us to look at 50 pages at a time in a reading room. We couldn’t take copies. We could just take notes. We are down to the last 50 pages. They will not release these. This has been now going on close to two years. This is what [Sen. Johnson holds up redacted documents] has been provided to us. Do you think there might be some incriminating information in this? Now, again, these are government documents. This is government, federal records. This should be made available to Congress. This should be made available to the American public. But it is not. So that’s the Fauci emails.”


On the leftist takeover of our institutions including Big Pharma

“I try and keep this nonpartisan, but from my standpoint, you know, the left has infiltrated our universities, graduating journalists who are more of the left, obviously than the right. So this is broader from my standpoint than just pharmaceutical infiltration…

“So what baffles me is generally the left has been very critical of Big Pharma and the profits they make. Now you almost have a melding of the two…

“Eisenhower, in his farewell address, talked about the dangers of public funding of science and how it’d produce an elite group of scientists and technologists that are going to drive public policy seems like that's kind of where we're at.”


On the need to unify this nation and end the division

“Prior to the last few years, I would have said that the greatest threat facing this nation was our debt and deficit which we’re exacerbating, not fixing it at all. Currently I think the greatest threat is our division. And I try and point out that the good news is that we’re not a naturally divided people. Not nationally, not globally. As human beings we all want the same things. Safety, security, enough opportunities for prosperity to take care of ourselves and our family. So you have to ask the question, what is dividing us? I would argue that there are groups, there are individuals, that are purposefully dividing us…

“During this process, I’ve gotten to know Robert Kennedy Jr., I think he’s a very good person, and I think that the discussions we’ve had, we’ve talked about, in order to unify this nation, to end the division, it’s going to take individuals from both sides, maybe from the far sides, to come together and recognize the truth and start conveying the truth.”