Washington's Broken Budget Process

Broken Budget Process

Sen. Johnson in Fiance Committee

Massive deficit spending continues in Washington with the passing of the final $1.2 trillion dollar spending bill, months after the fiscal year has started. The 1,012 page bill was released in the middle of the night, a day before the government was scheduled to shut down. This has to stop. 

Washington has developed a well-honed process that has been plundering and mortgaging our children's future. This is what Washington has devolved into. It's disgusting. Spending has degraded the value of the dollar. A dollar at the start of the Biden administration is now worth only $0.85.

Reform is needed and it is vital that we as a Conference debate how to get our budget process on track.

10-year projected deficits:

  • Obama FY2017 = $6.1 t
  • Trump FY2021 = $5.6 t
  • Biden FY2022 = $14.5 t
  • Biden FY2023 = $14.4 t
  • Biden FY2024 = $17.1 t
  • Biden FY2025 = $16.3 t

President Biden claims he’s cutting the deficit by $3 trillion. Have we ever had a more dishonest President?

The American Conservative: What Can $1.2 Trillion Buy In Washington? Nothing Good.

Do No Harm

Sen. Johnson with Chris Cuomo

I joined News Nation’s Cuomo with Chris Cuomo to emphasize the need for Members of Congress to take the Hippocratic Oath and "first, do no harm," given that the federal government is more likely to cause or exacerbate problems than to solve them.

The Biden administration is implementing strategies that are destroying America: open borders, massive deficit spending resulting in 40-year high inflation, the war on fossil fuels, and the embarrassing and dangerous surrender in Afghanistan, which emboldensour enemies.

“What we ought to do here in Congress is take the Hippocratic Oath and ‘first, do no harm.’ And certainly what I've seen is that Congress so often doesn't fully debate the issue, doesn't fully understand it. If you use the analogy that our federal government is a ship of state and on the hull, over the decades, you've just developed all these barnacles, the solution is pretty obvious, just scrape the barnacles off right? Here in Washington, D.C., we just add another barnacle on. It's an imperfect barnacle, just slows it down even further. So unfortunately, the federal government doesn't solve too many problems. It exacerbates many, causes many. And so we ought to first do no harm.” 

WATCH: Sen. Johnson interview

Time to Turn Over Unredacted Records on COVID-19 Origins

Sen. Johnson holds up redacted pages

As ranking member of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, I sent a letter to Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra demanding that he provide a detailed explanation for why HHS continues to ignore a legal requirement to fully produce previously requested information relating to the origins of COVID-19.

It is well past time for HHS to meet its legal obligation and produce, without redactions, the approximately 50 pages of priority records my office identified in 2021.

Secretary Becerra has previously testified that I am "absolutely entitled" to that information. Congress and the American people expect him to fulfill his responsibility and live up to his word.

Press Release: Sen. Johnson Demands HHS Secretary Becerra Turn Over Unredacted Records on COVID-19 Origins, Including Dr. Fauci’s Emails

New York Post: Sen. Ron Johnson demands HHS explain why dozens of documents on COVID-19 origins have ‘heavy redactions’

WATCH: Sen. Johnson questions Sec. Becerra


FDA Settles with Doctors

FDA tweet "You are not a horse."

This article by Dr. Pierre Kory provides an excellent summary of why the FDA
had to settle with COVID heroes (doctors who had the courage and compassion to treat COVID patients) to avoid legal discovery.

The above tweet was the most viral tweet in FDA history and started the public campaign against ivermectin during COVID.

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