Senate Democrats Abdicate Their Constitutional Duty

Impeachment Trial Should Have Happened


This week, Senate Democrats abdicated their constitutional duty and did great harm to the U.S. Senate by cavalierly dismissing the serious charges against Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. They did so, because they do not want the American people to see how disastrous their open border policy is. 

This week, I went to the Senate floor two times, held a press conference and questioned Secretary Mayorkas directly laying out evidence of the DHS Secretary's crimes. The House managers did an extraordinary job of putting together a very convincing case and the Senate should have voted to proceed with a trial. 




If an impeachment trial would have happened, this chart would basically be the irrefutable DNA evidence of the crime. There's no way you can't look at that chart and say that what is happening on our border is a crisis.

For a detailed review of what this chart shows, please watch my Senate floor speech from Tuesday. In the course of 13-minutes, I review the cause and effect of border policies dating back to 2012 and how we have gotten to the utter catastrophe of today. 




On Wednesday, all 100 senators were sworn in for the start of the impeachment trial. However, Senate Democrats quickly voted to kill both articles of impeachment against Sec. Mayorkas so the trial was over before it even began. 



Later on Wednesday, I went to the Senate floor again to point out what the Democrats did not want us to reveal in an impeachment trial — they want an open border. Our border crisis didn't just happen. It is a purposeful, willful game plan implemented by the Biden administration. 

Watch that 10-minute speech here.  



On Thursday, I confronted Sec. Mayorkas over his border catastrophe during a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing. I wanted him to answer this one simple question, “Why did you do it?” 

This border disaster has led to the deaths, murders, and assaults of thousands of Americans. I wanted to know if he had any regrets. 

Watch that contentious 7-minute exchange here.

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