Border Bill Was Worse Than Doing Nothing

Border Bill Charade


The failed border bill that Democrat Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer tried to resurrect this week was worse than doing nothing. This time, it failed by an even wider bipartisan vote of 43-50.

President Biden has the authority to secure the border. He’s just not willing to use it because he and his Democrat colleagues want an open border. This charade by Sen. Schumer to bring back the failed February border legislation to the Senate floor is a political stunt and a poorly-veiled attempt to hand vulnerable Senate Democrats political cover instead of actually securing the border.

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No to the WHO 


Next week, the World Health Assembly is meeting in Switzerland and two international agreements being considered would grant greater authority to the dysfunctional World Health Organization (WHO) and potentially weaken United States sovereignty.

I led the entire Senate Republican conference earlier this month in sending a letter to President Biden calling for his administration to withdraw its support for these agreements.  
The letter highlights the WHO’s abysmal COVID-19 response and argues that the President should be focusing on badly needed reforms rather than plowing ahead with international treaties and regulations that would substantially increase WHO authority, shred intellectual property rights, and infringe freedom of speech. 

WATCH: Sen. Johnson provides a WHO update

National Police Week


The week of May 12 is designated National Police Week. Whether it's a big city police department like Milwaukee, or a small-town force like Wautoma, we owe a debt of appreciation to the men and women in blue who keep all our Wisconsin communities safe. Thank you, law enforcement!


Around Washington


Enjoyed meeting with a great American with the courage to speak the truth. Looking forward to working with Rob Schneider to help unify and heal our nation.


I had the pleasure of introducing my colleagues to the wonders of fresh cheese curds during a Senate lunch featuring all things Wisconsin.Thank you to Vern's Cheese in Chilton for helping us deliver the squeaky curds. 


Around Wisconsin


On May 13, I visited a great example of a Wisconsin company helping people. Ki Mobility in Stevens Point builds some 70 thousand custom wheelchairs every year for people in nearly 80 countries. It's a complex engineering process that makes these chairs one-of-a-kind for each client.


In Wausau, I toured an impressive cheese packaging factory. Great Lakes Cheese is employee owned and a partner to our Joseph Project program. I got the chance to meet one of our recent grads who says this new job has changed his life.


Thanks to the folks in Wautoma who turned out for my town hall. People are worried about home ownership being out of reach, rising insurance rates and grocery bills. We must stop mortgaging our children's future. It's immoral.