Sen. Johnson: Border Crisis Is Not in the News Because Mainstream Media is Covering Up for Biden Admin

WASHINGTON — On Tuesday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) joined Fox Business’ “Varney & Co.” to discuss harmful effects of Democrat policies on American workers and how the mainstream media ignores Biden’s Border Crisis.

The interview can be found here, excerpts are below. 

On Biden’s Border Crisis:

“He [Sec. Mayorkas] never should have been confirmed, but yeah he should resign. He's not faithfully executing the laws. This administration's policy is one of open borders. What’s so disgusting about it is they know full well. Vice President Harris was on my committee when we heard testimony on how these human traffickers will sell children, for $84, to create a family unit to exploit our asylum laws. The human depredations, the human trafficking, the sex trafficking, the drug trafficking, all of the overdoses, gang members, MS13 gang members coming into the country. This is an enormous threat to our national security and our homeland security. This administration, this is their policy. This is what they did. This didn’t just happen. They dismantled all the successful policies of the previous administration and now we have open borders. Over 2 million people encountered. By the way, they changed that term from apprehensions to encounters because they can’t even call what they’re doing an apprehension anymore. It’s just processing and dispersing throughout America, about a million and a quarter people last year. That’s a number larger than eight state’s population. That’s the magnitude of this problem. 6500 people per day. I could keep spouting off figures, but this is a crisis that’s not being covered by the major news networks because they are covering up for the Biden administration.”

On Fighting for Wisconsin Workers:

“Of course I’ll fight for the workers of Wisconsin. I always have. I’ve been a big supporter of that particular company, we’ve landed billions of dollars’ worth of contracts during my tenure here. Of course I'm supportive of that. But I also understand the fact that one of the big problems we have in Wisconsin and America today is we don't have enough people to fill jobs. We have 10 or 11 million jobs unfilled and part of that is because the federal government is paying all these benefits and making it easy for people not to reengage in the workforce and of course, the inflation which I’m really concerned about, the out-of-control deficit spending has fueled a 40 year high in inflation. That is hurting the very people, the working people, the retirees on a fixed income that supposedly Democrats are purporting to help. So this is another political hit job by the mainstream media and Democrats, don't believe a word they say.”

Last week, Sen. Johnson sent a letter to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas requesting additional information on DHS enforcement of immigration laws. Specifically, the senator requested information on encounters and “got aways” at the southwest border. The senator also led his GOP colleagues in a press conference on Biden’s Border Crisis, watch the full press conference here.