State of the Union in Difficult Times

Oblivious to the Harm of Liberal Democrat Policies

State of the Union

President Biden seems oblivious to the harm his administration and policies have caused Americans. Unfortunately, the State of the Union is not good, and it will not improve with President Biden and Democrats in total control of the federal government.

In spite of President Biden's inaugural speech promise that his number one goal was to unify and heal our nation, today, America is even further divided due to his mismanagement of the economy, our southern border, foreign policy, and COVID-19.

His failure to direct federal health agencies to research and recommend early treatment has cost hundreds of thousands of lives. His coercive mandates and other actions failed to end the pandemic - more people have died of COVID-19 under his watch than under the previous administration - but they have exacerbated our societal divide, keeping schools closed, firing front-line workers for making their own health care decisions, and shuttering businesses.

The massive deficit spending he promoted and signed into law sparked 7.5% inflation, a level we haven't experienced in forty years. In spite of his promise not to raise taxes on anyone making under $400,000, everyone should realize that inflation IS the Democrat's tax on the middle class. It hurts the very people Democrats purport to represent - seniors on a fixed income and individuals at the lower end of the income spectrum. President Biden's solution? Even more deficit spending on a laundry list of liberal programs.

In addition, President Biden dismantled all of the previous administration's programs and agreements that had stopped the flow of Unaccompanied Children and Families exploiting our asylum laws. He stopped building the wall, costing Americans more to NOT build the wall that it would have cost to simply complete it. The result is over 1.2 million immigrants who entered illegally in 2021 and have been dispersed throughout America. And now he claims he wants to secure the border? Does he think the American people aren't paying attention?

All of these policy failures have weakened America and, combined with the embarrassing and dangerous surrender in Afghanistan, have emboldened our enemies by tempting them to take advantage of the current situation. It's heartbreaking to watch what is happening in Ukraine. America should pray for President Zelensky and for the Ukrainian people who just want to live in peace and freedom.

The fact that President Biden seems oblivious to the harm his administration and policies have caused to Americans ensures that he will not change course and his failures will continue. Unfortunately, the State of the Union is not good, and it will not improve with President Biden and Democrats in total control of the federal government.

Russia Invasion of Ukraine

Fox News appearance

Biden's response to Russia was a miserable failure. A successful response would have deterred Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine and prioritized American production of fossil fuel.

What's even more galling is to listen to his State of the Union address where he is basically giving himself credit for assembling a coalition to support Ukraine. He's taking credit for his response. His response was a miserable failure. We wouldn't be seeing these atrocities if there was a successful response. The reason the world has galvanized around Ukraine is because of the courageous Ukrainian people, and their extraordinary courageous leader President Zelensky - not President Biden.

Watch the entire Fox Business interview here.

Read the highlights here.

CDC's Arrogant Refusal

Washington Examiner article

The CDC's arrogant refusal to provide COVID-19 data to the public shows how the Biden administration has favored censorship over transparency. How much longer will the CDC hide the data used to justify its reckless policies?

Read more in the Washington Examiner.

Press Release: Transparency needed from CDC on promotion of potentially flawed school mask study.

Let States Manage the Gray Wolf

Gray Wolf

This week, I introduced bipartisan legislation to return management of gray wolf populations to states and delist the gray wolf as an endangered species in Wisconsin and other states.

Wisconsinites must have a say in the management of gray wolves. In the western Great Lakes region, state wildlife agencies should manage the recovered population so the wolf's ongoing role in the ecosystem does not come at the expense of farmers, loggers, sportsmen and people who simply live in these areas.

Since 2015, I've fought to delist the gray wolf through multiple pieces of legislation and I will keep fighting until Congress passes a law that will codify the wolf delist administrative rulings that the Department of Interior under President Obama issued.

Joseph Project in Wausau

JP in Wausau Class photo

One week to change your life? That's what happened in central Wisconsin thanks to the Joseph Project. The program connects people seeking a second chance through work with employers who are ready to hire. Congratulations to the 22 students who started class on Monday and were ready to interview by Friday. A few already have job offers! The Wausau community rallies around these Joseph Project participants providing a free meal with every class, clothes for the interview and even free haircuts!

Join My Telephone Town Halls

Senator Johnson on a telephone town hall

A highlight of my week was talking to thousands of Wisconsinites during a telephone town hall. My next telephone town hall will be Tuesday, March 8 at 3:30 pm CT. You can sign up here to get on the list to be called for all future events. You can also listen live on the web to the one-hour question and answer session.