U.S. Passports

My office can help answer questions and/or make an inquiry to Department of State regarding pending U.S. passport applications. Please see links below for answers to common questions.

Requesting Assistance

Before my office can assist you, you will be asked to fill out and sign the passport privacy release form and provide proof of upcoming travel.  Please note my office is unable to assist with legal issues with passport issuance relating to child support in arrears, delinquent taxes, etc. Further information can be found here.  In addition, we are unable to help with passports issued by foreign governments.  For all other inquiries, feel free to submit your request for assistance through the webform below.

Please note that all congressional offices have the same agency contacts. Agencies will only work with one congressional office on a case. If you already have an open case with another congressional office, we request you work with that office. Duplicate inquiries slow down the process and can result in processing delays.

Casework Contact Form