Privacy Release Forms

The Privacy Act of 1974 requires that an elected official obtain written consent before contacting federal agencies on behalf of a constituent.

With the privacy release form, please include a separate letter to:

  • Explain why you are seeking Senator Johnson's assistance;
  • Include any relevant documents, important deadlines, contacts, case or reference numbers;
  • For all immigration application inquiries, include receipt numbers, passport numbers, alien numbers, and interview date, if applicable;
  • Identifie the federal agency with which you need help;
  • Sign; and,
  • Indicate if another congressional office has been contacted, which office, when the office was contacted, and a summary of the progress made by that office.

Which Form Should I Submit

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Privacy Release Form

Passport Privacy Release Form

Privacy release form

IRS form 8821 - internal use only -  form should be submitted with privacy release form and returned to my Milwaukee office.  (Please note that if you file taxes jointly, both you and your spouse will need to fill out a 8821 Form for our office.) 
Privacy Release Form